Addison Landers / Director

Prior to working as a graphic designer I studied psychology and worked with Special needs populations. I hold an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts where I studied how Design can be a tool for social change.



Laurent Hrybyk / Co-Director

Laurent Hrybyk is a Baltimore based illustrator, designer, game developer (Sam: An Interactive Comic), and animator. Past clients include Boston Globe, Washington Post, The Bold Italic, Backchannel, Portals, Atomic Books, The Message, The Wild Honey Pie, American Journal of Bioethics, Diet Cig, Chill Mega Chill Records, Father Daughter Records, ATO Records, Stereocure, Keep In Touch, and Treasuredog Media. Additionally he is a graduate from the MFA Illustration Practice program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. /



Quintin Parson / Co-Director

Quintin is a photographer based out of Baltimore, holding a Co-Director position on the Milkcrate Creative Space Board. He has been working as the Painful Pleasures resident photographer for about four years as well as handling most of the printshop work in his time at PP. He’s available anytime to discuss the space and upcoming events as well as freelance photo inquiries.



Prince (Baafi) Boahen / Installation Coordinator

Prince Jr. Baafi Boahen (born in 87) is a Ghanaian-American artist who simply loves to appreciate and create (Apprecreate) art. His enthusiasm for art began at a very early age when he realized he could “draw outside the lines” and it was acceptable. He prides himself on creating art on/with any material/medium capable of conveying the message he attempts to deliver. He uses pencil, charcoal, chalk, acrylic, oil, etc. on medium such as wood, corks, canvas, etc. His works range from small pieces to very large pieces, his work can be very intricate and detailed or as minimal as a single almost invisible symbol. Art is his bailiwick.
In the advent of social media, Baafi decided to work endlessly to make his work available to those who appreciate and support it. Follow @JrBaafi on Instagram to see what’s good and where the next exhibition is going to be. /

Michelle Gagnier / Treasurer

Michelle Gagnier was the second employee at PainfulPleasures. She now serves as the Marketing director. She has a Son named Jacob, lives in Howard county. She enjoyed making Pottery in High school, although her teacher said her work was “Dumb” To which Michelle appropriately responded, “F$#!* Y#@.”



John F. Garancheski III /Communications

John F. Garancheski III is an award winning, published, and well-traveled artist of many mediums. Over the course of his professional career, John’s work has been featured everywhere from magazines, local and nationwide news broadcasts, children’s book illustrations, celebrity tattoos, local art galleries, all the way up to the Baltimore Museum of Art.

John works primarily as a tattoo artist at Tattooed Heart Studios in Maryland, which he owns and operates. Tattooed Heart Studios is a female dominant, private, and appointment only environment that features a highly specialized lineup of both resident and guest tattoo artists.

Outside of tattooing, John is developing a poetry and photography collaboration to be released later this year, and is currently writing a motivational seminar/book with a working title of “Lead with your Penis.” /

Lisa Doll / Event Facilitator

Experience or professional affiliations with other boards, volunteer groups, etc.: Tattoo Artist for 6 years, Studio owner 3 years, Indie comic/Band poster artist.

3-6 sentence bio: Lisa Doll is the artist owner of Rose Red Tattoo & Permanent Makeup and Enchanted Aftercare in Ellicott City, MD. She specializes in restorative tattooing and neo-traditional custom work. When she’s not tattooing, she is touring with her band, Lisa Doll & the Rock n Roll Romance, playing RPG games, drawing comics, posting pictures of her cat, or daydreaming about taking over the world. /

Amanda Hutchinson / Installation Coordinator

I have no experience on any other board, but have volunteered with St. Mary’s Animal Welfare League, BARCS, The Humane Society of Calvert County, and The Human Rights Campaign.

I transitioned into my role on the Painful Pleasures team as a Retail Shipping Specialist after 6 years in the coffee industry. I developed a fascination for artistry during my time as a barista at MICA. I am especially fond of Albert Koetsier’s x-ray photography. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and aspire to open my own cafe in the area.

Danny Tress / Secretary

Danny is a content writer for Painful Pleasures, which entails writing product listings, Web copy, and blogs. He holds a BA in English with a concentration in writing from Towson University, and writes fiction in his spare time.