Character & Creature Design with Jesse Smith

Come and join Jesse Smith on the 13th of June at 12pm in the Milkcrate Creative Space/PainfulPleasures (Hanover, MD). for a seminar on his process for character creation and ideation!

The workshop will focus on a step-by-step process of creating characters for tattoo application. Jesse will touch on topics such as:

Ideation: How to come up with interesting ideas/concepts.

Thumbnails: Creating a composition that complements the body.

Reference: Using reference to make your characters more believable.

Value Study: How to use values to help create contrast and form.

Light: How to pick an interesting light source which will help communicate your characters form.

Color: Choosing an interesting palette and using color to create contrast and form.

Digital Techniques: Jesse will be using the application Procreate and will share techniques that can be used via various digital devices or other programs.


Attendees should expect to bring whatever media they feel most comfortable using in a 6 – 8 hour workshop setting.


Price: $200.00

Date: Tuesday June 13th, 12:00PM (Seminar will last between 6-8 hours).

Address: The Milkcrate Creative Space, 7410 Coca Cola Dr., Unit #103, Hanover, MD


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