Amy’s Story

Last year (2018) I lost my therapist and beautiful friend, Alexandra Rymland. I’m fairly certain that Alex is the reason I’m still alive today; It was her teachings that saved my relationship with my family, and specifically my mother. Alex taught me about communication, self reflection, fair fighting, and compassion. She was a sacred mother of mine.

As I thought about Alex, I then thought about her daughter Sasha. My loss couldn’t be anything compared to hers. Alex was her mother after all. I then thought about my mother, and was overwhelmed with gratitude. I then realized that as much as Alex had saved me, it was my mother who had put me in alignment with my therapist, and who yielded to therapy for help. She loved me beyond ego, and got help for her and I. Moreover, I still have time with my mother; She’s still very alive.

Ever since the death of Alex, I’ve wanted to paint her, and to make art for her. However, now I want to make art for all the mothers; For all my friends, and sacred sisters, like Sasha, who’s mothers have passed. I want this exhibition to be an event where we can all reflect on our mothers and pay tribute to the amazing influences they’ve been in our lives.

Please come join me and the Milkcrate Creative Space on May 17, 2019, the Friday after Mother’s Day! Bring your mom! Bring your kids, as we only ask that they know to respect the art, but are otherwise welcome to attend. If your mother is on the other side, we hope you’ll still come and view some art inspired by motherhood and maybe share some memories for an evening.

We all have mothers… Let’s do some great art in the name of the influential matriarchs in our lives!

This will also be a charitable event where we offer access to donate to these lovely causes:

There will be a donation box set up for both Eagala ( where Alexandra learned the skills of equine-assisted psychotherapy) and for St. Labre Indian School ( which was near and dear to Alexandra’s heart. They provide quality education that celebrates Catholic faith and embraces Native American cultures. Alex was raised Catholic and had a big spiritual connect to Mexico and helping youth.)

Kindest Regards,

Amy C Nicholls in collaboration with the Milkcrate Creative Space.


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